Thursday, July 31, 2008


It’s engaging to watch,
How fresh ardor commences.
Free from prejudice.
It’s an unanticipated trip,
To the pits of euphoria.
A stroll to the ingress,
That leads to contentment.
Your idioms,
Satiates my senses.
I am fervent to share,
The quintessence of my existence with you.
Elated to be yours,
Humbled that you are mine.


How does it feel to constantly behold,
That fervent smile I can only dream about.
I wish I can indulge in the opulence of your world,
And be that someone he can never do without.

How does it feel when you hear him profess,
The unyielding tenderness he bears for no one but you.
Would you nurture any grudges upon hearing me confess,
That I love him more than you do.

How does it feel to be an incomparable accolade,
The most beautiful woman in his world.
Your splendor comes not from shallow fa├žades,
But from the boon of his love that you alone hold.

How does it feel to bask in unrelenting bliss,
As you hold him near, the way I never can.
I can only hope that one day this anguish will cease,
Along with the pain I'm enduring for the love of one man.