Saturday, November 3, 2012

Product Review : Bath and Body Works Candles

How much do I love candles?! Let me count the ways…

Kidding aside…I have always loved “smell good stuff” in my home. I think I have them all – plug ins, oil warmers, sprays and my personal favorite – candles! There’s just something soothing and romantic about lighting candles. It instantly transforms the atmosphere in any room – which is why I have always been a candle fanatic!

I love “matching” my candles to what season it is but I have to say that my favorite ones are the fall and winter scents from Bath and Body Works. When I saw that this “colder season” staple of mine was included in my Influenster's Beauty Bloggers Voxbox 2012, I was in “smell good heaven” because not only did they give me a mini candle for free…they also included a coupon that I could use to purchase up to 5 candles at a discounted rate.

Hurray for the candle aficionado in me!

PHOTO ABOVE: I was supposed to use these in December - in time for the Christmas Season. However, I love these scents so much and couldn't help but light them - which explains why they're all used up now! "Sparkling Icicles" has that clean, winter smell that I am absolutely in love with. When I have this scent lit up, I am reminded of pine trees, snow...and Christmas!  "Frosted Cranberry", on the other hand, has that fun/festive berry scent that I really like. It has the right amount of tang and does not smell overly sweet - it's definitely worth checking out, y'all!Photobucket

PHOTO ABOVE: "Nutmeg and Spice" was the mini candle that Influenster included in my Voxbox. Most of the candles that I purchase from BBW are made by Slatkin & Co. but this one is by White Barn. The smell of this candle is absolutely divine - it smells like pastries, cakes and desserts. It has the same undertones as Vanilla Snowflake (another winter favorite of mine)...with hints of its namesake coming through (nutmeg and spice).

  • The packaging of these candles are awesome. They look like home décor even without candle sleeves!
  • The quality of the candles are stellar. The smell is great from the first time you light it up ‘til the very last drop of wax in the container.
  • There’s no “candle wax smell” when you light these babies up. That’s probably one of the reasons why I prefer BBW Candles over the less expensive ones that you normally find in stores or groceries.
  • Bath and Body Works offers good customer service – and on those rare occasions that you don’t like how a candle you picked out smells like, you can always go back and get it replaced with another scent. It happened to me when I picked out the “Pineapple and Mango” scent. It just didn’t work out for my smellers so I took it back and had it replaced hassle-free. Customer Service can make or break a product – so kudos to BBW coz y’all are doing a wonderful job on keeping your customers happy and satisfied!
  • It is pricier than some candle brands out in the market – but BBW always has great sales and coupons! Also, the price is at par with the quality that you’re getting…so I’m a happy customer, regardless.

I’ve been a Bath and Body Works gal for years on end…and their candles are one (out of many) of my favorite items from their store. So without a shadow of a doubt…I will buy their candles again…and again…and again. I’m sure y’all get the point – lol!

DISCLAIMER: I did not purchase all of these products. Some were sent to me by Influenster for review and blogging purposes. The other candles were purchased at a very discounted rate using coupons sent by Influenster. I’m just a regular consumer and I appreciate honest feedback about products that regular people like me use on a daily basis or consider buying.  My views and opinions are from a customer/end user’s standpoint.


Alaina Bullock said...

I love these candles! They smell amazing!

edohpa (@edohpa) said...

I love bath and body works candles. They have a huge variety of scents and always seem to last a long time.
Kelli Avery

therecamethiswoman said...

I totally agree with you, Kelli!

therecamethiswoman said...

They really do!

Rhonda Klee said...

I love a variety of candles!! Thank you for the review they look and sound amazing!!

therecamethiswoman said...

Thank you, Rhonda!

therecamethiswoman said...

Amen to that, Kelli!

June said...

BB&B have nice candles and they are worth their price.

therecamethiswoman said...

Absolutely, June! Thanks for dropping by! =)