Monday, July 3, 2017

Collapsible Soft Sided Thermal Insulated Cooler Bag

Me and my husband are always on road trips for various reasons: doctors' appointments, visiting relatives, mini vacations, checking out farmers' markets and specialty stores on other towns, etc. Getting drinks along the way can get pricey specially during the summer because you gotta keep hydrated and it sure gets hot out here in Texas!

I was very excited to try this Collapsible Soft Sided Thermal Insulated Bag from Wilcampro, because it is slim and not bulky and most importantly, it is easier to carry around! I have also been using this bag on my Costco trips. It allows me time to go to different stores after grocery shopping, without fear of any of products going bad on me due to the the hotter weather. I just put ice packs in the bag and I am all set!


  • GREAT DESIGN FOR EASY COMFORTABLE CARRYING & USE – Super light for easy carrying this cooler holds its weight well with beefy side handles for easy lifting and a nice long detachable, adjustable shoulder strap with padded shoulder rest for extra carrying comfort. There's a useful outside pocket for small items like napkins and the cooler's wide zip top opening makes it easy to pack and retrieve items. This soft sided cooler fits great in the car, golf cart, kayak or just about anyplace else!
  • VERSATILE, STURDY, STYLISH, HEAVY DUTY SOFT SIDED INSULATED COOLER BAG – This cooler holds an impressive amount of stuff in its roomy interior with its 24 can soft pack size and 15 liter capacity. It's a winner no matter what type of trip you plan: the best soft cooler for weekends away, outdoor picnics, BBQs, beach, camping, travel, golf, boating, parties, sporting events, kayaking, family outings, fishing, road trips or as a carry on bag.
  • WELL BUILT COOLER BAG FOR DURABILITY AND ICE RETENTION – Robust, heavy duty construction with a tough durable exterior and webbing straps that resist rips and tears. Insulated with super thick heavy duty high density insulation for excellent ice retention. This thermal cooler will keep your ice, food, beers or other drinks cold or hot for a long time wherever you go! Compression clips on the side buckle down the extended zipper to keep cooler for longer and for easier carrying and stowing.
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN FOR EASY STORAGE – This portable cooler folds away nicely collapsing to just 3". When not in use it folds flat under the car seat, in the closet or under the sink. As a collapsible travel cooler it folds easily down into your suitcase or works great as carry on luggage then every day on the beach as a cooler. This lunch cooler bag holds it shape well so no more flopping over and the compression buckles prevent shifting meaning no more spilled groceries.
  • SUPER EASY TO CLEAN WHATEVER YOU USE IT FOR – The strong internal liner with heat welded seams is both leakproof and anti microbial resisting mold, mildew and odor and making it so easy to clean and keep clean. Whether you use it for picnics, food, beer, wine, ice, medicines or groceries the easy clean tough exterior surfaces make this stylish lightweight mid size cooler a must.

Get your Collapsible Soft Sided Thermal Insulated Cooler Bag by Wildcampro through This Link.

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